Energy Solutions

Since 1995, EMCOR Construction Services Midwest (ECS Midwest) has collaborated with school administrators and building officials on more than 130 guaranteed energy-savings projects worth over $200 million.

Guaranteed Savings Contracts

Guaranteed Savings Contracts (GSCs) reduce energy costs without impacting budgets. Utilizing a three-step approach, ECS Midwest identifies areas where energy efficiency can be improved, and then shows customers how to use those energy savings to pay for their project.

Step 1: Audit & Analysis

We start by entering a facility and analyzing things like equipment, utility data, energy usage, occupation density, ventilation requirements, after-hour usages, and a number of other factors, to identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), Facility Improvement Measures (FIMs), and physical system problems that can be addressed to become more energy efficient.

We then provide clients with a cash flow analysis that weighs interest and financing costs against the savings these measures will generate.

  • Energy efficiency will dramatically drive down operational costs. In schools, as we eliminate wasteful energy spending and implement efficient solutions, the savings can be reinvested into core learning assets.

Step 2: Execution

The execution phase is where ECS Midwest experts arrive in a facility to recommission inefficient building systems, replace defective or inefficient parts, organize subcontractors, improve system design, refine control systems’ programming, and complete a wide range of other system and facility-enhancing procedures.

  • Lowered operational costs also contribute to a return on investment. These GSC projects are typically paid down through energy savings, reduced operational costs, and unplanned maintenance and repair.
  • Capital improvement funds can be held in reserve for other short-term needs. These types of projects may be financed and then repaid over a 20-year period, which allows clients to defer construction costs over time.
  • Our process allows for flexibility in project scheduling. This is an important aspect of our proposal because it allows for projects to be phased in so as to address priority needs and budget realities.

Step 3: Maintenance & Support

The third step on the GSC process is ongoing maintenance and support. Through Building Operations Services (BOS), an ECS Midwest partnering strategy designed to give clients flexibility, we assess your facilities' actual workload, right size your maintenance staff for maximum efficiency and economy, and identify even more effective ways to meet your facilities’ needs.

By contracting with ECS Midwest through a professional services agreement, clients have the ability to let ECS Midwest take responsibility for all staffing decisions, which frees up clients’ valuable general fund dollars.

Our BOS solution lets clients shift their focus from managing buildings and budgets to providing a high-quality education in optimum learning environments. It's a practical and creative way to successfully address today's demanding educational requirements.

ECS Midwest does not manufacture products or equipment. This allows us to evaluate all possible options and recommend only the solution that will be most beneficial to our clients.

To learn how your school or facility can become more energy efficient, contact ECS Midwest today.