Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) & Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

EMCOR Construction Services Midwest (ECS Midwest) helps upgrade municipal systems to make them safer and healthier. We specialize in AMR/AMI Water Meter and infrastructure replacement.

We can complete any upgrade, repair, or redesign of current water plants and distribution systems, implementing everything from installation of SCADA monitoring systems to billing integration software systems.

ECS Midwest is one of the only companies with the capability to integrate all your gas, electrical and water metering needs.

Automatic Meter Reading

ECS Midwest can install an AMR system designed to remotely read electrical meters. There are different systems available with a variety of technologies that keep operating expenses down for customers as energy costs rise. AMR systems are usually digital and easier to read than older analog dial meters, and some even allow customers to read their own meters remotely.

AMR project highlights

  • In a recent job for a municipality, ECS Midwest replaced 10,000 traditional water meters with smart water meters. These newer, smarter meters allowed the client to record water usage in real time, as well as deter vandalism and theft.
  • In another municipal contract, ECS Midwest was brought in to replace 6,000 water meters that were installed in the 80s and 90s. Once the meters were pulled out and new meters installed, ECS Midwest created an ROI document whereby the savings to the customer was documented.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

AMI meters, also known as Smart meters, are updated, digital versions of the traditional electrical meter attached to the outside of residential homes. These new meters not only measure how much electricity is used, but also at what times during the day. Smart meters are designed to transmit pricing and energy information from the utility company to the consumer. Utility companies who provide their customers with smart meters are able to implement a variety of load reduction and energy saving programs, helping reduce the cost of providing electricity to a community.

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